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Hunter Douglas
Custom Draperies
Custom Draperies

Personalize your room with Custom Draperies by Blinds Plus.  Drapery Gallery

 This is where a homeowner can add some of there own personality to a room, set the right mood or just soften the feeling. With Blinds Plus you have an endless option of designs, from casuals stationary panels that just frame the windows and add height and color to the room, to fully functional draw draperies for privacy and energy efficiency. Each Custom Drapery is fabricated in our own Workroom to the highest standards, using quality linings and Interlinings to give your Draperies years of trouble free use.

Contact us to set up an In-Home consultation.

Custom Upholstered Cornices
Custom Upholstered Cornices

Custom Upholsterd Cornices Cornice Gallery

Custom Upholstered Cornices can add height to any window, conceal blinds or shades when not in use. or use to showcase a beautiful fabric print. Add decorative nailheads for a more casual feeling or add fringe or trim to give it a more formal look. Custom Cornices can be designed with a variety of decorative curved bottom edges, to give a softer look. For those hard to cover "Arched Windows" Corniced can be designed to follow the curve of the arch. Since we Custom fabricate these in our own workroom, there is no end to the design possibilities.

Let your mind run wild and contact us for an In-Home consultation.

Custom Top Treatments
Custom Top Treatments

Add a Custom Top Treatment to an otherwise plain and boring window. Top Treatment Gallery

Custom Top Treatments can add the most personality to any room. With so many styles available the sky's the limit as to what you can do. For high ceilings it can add that splash of color up high, tying in your furnishing and giving your room a more completed look. They can transform  those larger widows that you may already have blinds or shades on for light control, by adding softness and height.

It's time to personalize, so give us a call to set up your In-Home consultation.